Policy Statement

Sareoso sets out an accessible formulation of the peasant mystery tradition. The original formulation published by Sareoso under the name Akitaniarren Etxea is a translation of the source. Individuals or groups claiming the source for themselves have, by definition, no relationship to Sareoso and the whole. The name Sareoso signifies 'Web of Wholeness'.

Sareoso will not publish a definitive authorised translation. Others may publish or apply the material in whatever forms and ways they wish but no translation can claim to be an authorised version. All translation of the material into any other language becomes the property of the translator.


The copyright of the original Sareoso formulation is in the public domain.

Publication rights

The material will be disseminated through web sites, publications etc. Groups and individuals are welcome to use the published material and may further the work by acknowledging where they came across it.

Sareoso is non-political and non-denominational, and is open to anyone who wishes to further its work. The work of Sareoso is supported by Companions, who make an annual contribution. Individual donations of other amounts from Benefactors are welcome at any time.


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