The Charcoal Maker comes from the mountains bringing gifts. One such gift is charcoal itself which is the only substance that can generate the heat necessary for forging metals.

The making of charcoal, literally the distillation of wood to its carbon content, takes time, attention and great patience. Only under these conditions can charcoal be made which, as a fuel, burns hotter and cleaner than other materials.

First, a suitable selection of wood is collected and prepared. A woodpile is constructed around a central peg and then set alight. As the burn proceeds, the airflow is carefully regulated to avoid blowouts that lead to the pile flaming. Finally, when the time is right, the airflow is restricted to allow gradual cooling.

Practising the alchemical art of charcoal making by working at a task with attention is a key to the peasant mystery tradition of Europe.

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