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Basque Carnivals of the Pyrenees

Way of the Charcoal Maker / Ikazkinaren erara

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Policy Statement / Politika Adierazpena


Websites of interest: - Our sister site: animations - Non-denominational website about meditation. You can view or upload relevant music and pictures if you register. - The Book of Jubilee, a primer of Saros Philosophy. - Saros Foundation for the Perpetuation of Knowledge. - High Peak Meditation. - The Astrological Society, with information on galactic astrology. -The London Basque Society. - University of Nevada, Centre for Basque Studies. - Buber's Basque Page - great resource for all things Basque. - Online Basque to English dictionary (or just use Google Translate) or our dictionaries on the left. - Spanish and walking holidays in the Baztan valley



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